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All work... and all play

Playing catch up with the blog again!

I feel like although I've only been here a short amount of time, this place really feels like home. Everyone I have met have been so friendly, inviting and generous - it's been lovely to be welcomed into the Bella Grove family so warmly.

Since my last post you'll be pleased to know my bug bites actually cleared up!

Last week I hung out with Sohmer and her nieces and nephews, who are visiting from northern Florida for two weeks. We've been down at the pool, playing monopoly and running the dogs around the complex. They're really great kids. Sohmer and Allen with Scarletts help of course cooked me up some cheesy grits and fried eggs. Although im not totally sold on the concept it was delicious nontheless.

I'm also starting to settle into my work 'routine' now- I love the WrenHouse style of working... they really realise the importance of how NOT working, ie. going out, relaxing, exploring, taking a break, developing hobbies, reading a book all contribute and help your actual work. It's so refreshing to be told that the process is as important as the result and to develop yourself as a person is to develop your work, which I really believe. I can already see the positive changes in my work. In addition to that, I've already been given the opportunity to sink my teeth into some really awesome projects, I pinch myself everyday that I have such a cool job with such inspiring people. I'm so humbled by the level of trust they give me to voice my ideas. I've also been invited to nosey through their past projects and observing the process has been really useful already, as historically I've always been troubled with time mismanagement through university self driven projects. I already feel that anxiety is definitely behind me.

Aside from that, on a personal level, the Wrens are also great friends.

Just yesterday I accompanied Debra and Griffin to Griffin's school to pick up his high school uniform, and to visit 'the Citrus Place'. I have been given the taskette of exploring old Florida spots and this was first on the list!

'The Citrus Place' is little roadside orange shop which has been there for around 40 years! It was so cute, of course I had to wear my oranges print skirt for the occasion. Orange soft serve ice cream and chocolate covered orange was on the menu.

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