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Second week round up

I can't believe it's been another week! Time goes by so quickly.

Last week was my first real exploring around Sarasota and surrounding areas. I have totally fallen in love with this place.

Last Monday I took a walk around The Ringling, which is the stately home and gardens of prominent Sarasota figure, art collector and circus owner John Ringling. the venetian style buildings and rose gardens are stunning.

Last tuesday was July 4th, and so we had an all day barbecue/ cookout to celebrate. Everyone in the complex is so friendly it's been great, I've already made some amazing friendships.

Last Wednesday was my first day at work. Debra and Scott are so inspiring, not only for their artistry but for their humbleness and sense of humour. They bought me some amazing gifts, including a limited edition House Industries typography book! It was a great first week of work.

On friday night, a friend from the complex and I went out to dinner at Owen's Fish Camp, a quaint little seafood restaurant in the old town. I'm not a particular lover of seafood but it was incredible.

On Saturday, we went to visit the Salvador Dali museum up in St Pete, which was really interesting. We had a tour of the top gallery which was fascinating, our guide was very knowledgeable.

Yesterday however, we had another cookout, and I stupidly thought I'd be okay without bug repellent, since everyone else is, right? I'm now paying with around 40 bites all over my legs, haha!

The food again, was amazing. My neighbour prepared and cooked for us- and it was delicious, honestly.

That's another week gone!

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