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"Pre-cut bagels?!"

This week feels like the longest week in the world (in a great way)!

My flight from MCR to MCO on Wednesday turned out to be delayed by 2 and a half hours and so when I finally found my way to my hotel in Orlando, after picking up my car rental and navigating my way across town, I was completely tired out and so just hit the hay. I left my first Wal-Mart trip til the next day, before the two and a half hour drive down to Sarasota.

My first night in Sarasota I actually slept on the couch, because there was a bit of a mix up with the old tenants' leaving time. That wouldn't have been too bad but I was coming down with a bit of a fever from the plane. But after a few paracetamol and some much needed sleep, it was gone in a couple of days.

I got to meet my wonderful roommate Catarina, who is a furniture restorer and artist originally from Portugal, then Connecticut before she moved down here. She's been extremely generous and helpful to me since I arrived. She took me for a fun tour around the place and Sarasota has completely blown me away, it's stunningly beautiful! I had no real idea what to expect, and I've been very pleasantly surprised. From the quaint downtown area, to Siesta Key beach and St Armands Circle there's so many nestles of great shops and restaurants surrounded by palms and banana trees, I actually can't believe that I live here!

When I could finally move into my room, Cat helped me build my bed and unravel my mattress and it looks great. I'm going to be collecting some more furnishings along the way I suspect, with the help of Cats expert eye of course.

It's great when you just move from one way of life to another and you notice lots of little things that are cool and different from whence you came. Including bagels that are pre cut? Drive thru banks, and a whole aisle of tomato salsa choices.

After several days of 'settling in' ie, going to Wal-Mart and kitting out my room, going to the bank etc. Tonight I went out for an amazing dinner with the Wrens up in Bradenton, right on the beach. The food was incredible. It was so good to see them again and meet Scott and Debra's son, Griffin.

This week was finished off with an amazing Floridian sunset after an amazing Floridian stormy afternoon.

Here's to the first week!

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