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BEAR Cereal

This is an entry for the YCN Student Awards to design the back of BEAR’s Alphabites cereal, using letters as the theme on each box. The design should help children learn without feeling like they are doing so, in a crafty or educational way. 

A woodland scene was created for the back of each pack to reflect the natural ethos of the brand and encourage children to learn about Bear, his friends, and natural habitat. The components can be cut out and made into a tabletop playset, so children can build and play with each pack.

Other than looking forward to assembling their table-top playset, Alphabites-munchers would be kept fascinated at breakfasts throughout the whole week with the varying features on the box. There are loads of mind-boggling facts, mini-search games and even the chance for children to create-a-creature themselves!

This ensures a balance of factual information, logical brain exercises and creativity. Components

Children will be inspired to get crafty when they get the chance to build their very own woodland scene. With an adult’s help and a pair of scissors, the characters and scenery from each box can be cut out and slotted together with the stands printed on the side - no glue is needed.

Once the characters are all propped up -they’re ready to play!


Find out more about the YCN Student Awards here.

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